Monday, October 31, 2011

Daily Painting Practice- Halloween treats for those who need to step back from the easel

All artists get stuck in a rut every now and then, or they may shut down creatively and find themselves unable to start the old painting engine. If this happens to you, even a good cup of tea may not be the cure.Sometimes it helps to step back from the easel if you need to get  the creative juices flowing again.  There is no better way to do this than to search out other creative  people.  It is even better when those other creative people do something you would never dream  of doing.

I thought I would share some creative  Halloween treats from various artists I found on the web.

I saw Ray Villafanes's work on Youtube. This guy is  the best  pumpkin carver around. Check it out.
 Next is a unique way Antonio Jorge Goncalves uses a moleskin skin sketchbook.

Artists and food always go together here is a fun video that takes it to another level. Carved Watermelon Art

 The last one  is an amazing creative  commercial.
I hope that helped any of you that needed a break. Now get back to  work.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Daily Painting Practice- Texture can be rough... or smooth... But it's always hard

Glass is a funny thing to paint. Not funny in the ha ha sense. Funny in the way it tricks the eye of the viewer. At least my eyes get fooled. The light and color can be intensified in some areas of the glass and completely unchanged  from the background in other areas. There are reflections and distortions to deal with. And of  course highlights.

I take it back. Painting glass isn't funny at all.

 One good thing you get  from attempting to paint glass. You  really have to decide on your background early in the process.. And for those of you that have read this blog through the years, you know how I struggle ( procrastinate really) with backgrounds.  The photo above shows my  progress in tinkering with the background. I'm playing with  shadows and thinking about a splash of sunlight.  All I have settled is the direction  of the light and the tone of the background will be light not dark.

I  transfered my drawing back over what I had painted. to see some of the detail.  I'm having trouble deciding if  the composition as it stands now will hold my attention long term. The detail  won't do it by itself.  I think it needs more.

 There we go.  Some texture! The surface of the background needed to contrast with the surface of the glass. My studio  doesn't have white bricks so my reference for the brick background  is  a house a few blocks from my studio. Now that I have  the idea  sketched out  and the basic colors. Let the fun begin!