Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daily Painting Practice- waking up from my art coma - and plein air painting in Iowa

I have been in an art coma for over a year... and just as the art doctors were about to pull the plug I awoke and found myself somewhere in Iowa.
Ok, not entirely true, but close.

 Hello everyone, I am back from the art dead and I am painting like a ... well, like a daily painter again. I was resuscitated by an invitation to judge a plein air competition in Corning, Iowa this past summer.
  I decided to make the most of the opportunity and jumped into doing some plein air painting myself. So getting up at dawn, I set out through some back roads near Corning.
  If it's summer and you paint in Iowa...  you paint corn. Now with my eyes wide open and after such a long absence from even picking up a brush, I surprised myself and found the old fears were replaced with a fresh desire to paint and a joy in observing what was in front of me.  

Diving in meant  going bold. (funny what waking up from a coma can do).  It also meant going fast because the sun wasn't going to be hanging around the horizon waiting for rusty old me. 

I saw the scene, pulled over, and set up to paint.  I should tell you now that I had just purchased this car. I tell you this because I learned several important lessons on that weekend regarding painting along the road. Laying out brushes on the hood was not a good beginning and a habit I would soon need to change. Stay tuned for some further misadventures.

click the painting to enlarge the image

Sunrise and Corn Fields
oil on panel

Not a bad beginning!  It expresses just how I feel about beginning daily painting practice again.