Monday, August 07, 2006

Painting a portrait of my father

Morning light

from the window gives a wonderful feel to the tea cup and pipe. Imagine how harsh it would be if I was using a spot light. One thing this daily painting practice is teaching me is to taking the time to set up for success. Don't rush the process, enjoy it!

Pipe & Tea
oil on
canvas panel

not for sale

When I was growing up, one of the rituals in our house was to get my father his cup of tea and his pipe. Though he quit smoking years ago, he holds onto his pipes like old friends. I almost called this piece "In Memory Of "(the pipe).
I like the idea of painting a portrait of someone without having them in the painting. The very objects they love or use often become the picture we hold in our minds or hearts.
So dad, this one's for you.


Lizzy said...

Our favorite things take on our vibration, our affection and meaning. And so a still life becomes a portrait. Interesting point you highlight.

Cheri said...

Hey Pete,
Great painting! What a way to share. I think this is one memory that will never fade.

Anonymous said...

the "pipe" ! It's great! What can I say? You have capture a soul. The check is in the mail.
thanks for a great painting.