Wednesday, August 23, 2006

a single pear

Pear Study
oil on masonite panelSOLD
I am sorry that there are no progress shots with this one. This is what I call a reserve painting. I actually did this painting just before I started my daily painting practice blog. You might say it was a practice painting for the practice paintings...Come on all of you daily painters out there, it's time to confess, we all have done this ... stick an old painting in when we have either messed up our daily painting or were too busy to get one finished.
My excuse? I started a portrait yesterday and went out to see a gallery.

I like this study though, I tried very hard not to put any opaque paint in the shadows and reserved the thickest paint just for the light. I also like the fact that this painting has very few brush strokes and yet tells a convincing story: light washing over pear.
My reserve of reserve paintings is now empty. I'll have to think of something creative for tomorrow.


aj-today said...

Your art is awesome. I so enjoy your blog site and appreciate you sharing your daily paintings.

Lisa said...

That was my intention Peter. When I am in the process of painting I throw one of my older works up. I will not commit to a painting a day though, not yet, maybe when my daughter is older and I can finally quit my day job!

Nice work!

Louis Boileau said...

Hey Peter!! Beautiful painting...liked the "gladiolas" too.

David said...

Peter, it's a nice one, to be sure. I especially like line/edging quality -- lots of straighter lines give the pear a certain kind of presence . . . like lingering brush strokes. Beautiful.

"van Vliet" Art Blog said...

I particularly like the material the pear is sitting on and the play of light there. It is like very old linen. I think you should have a day or two where you paint half a dozen small paintings. Then you have time for "vacation".

muddy red shoes said...

Peter, you are so beautifully honest, I love the way you let everyone see the progress of your paintings. There is a big myth about artists that it is some how "easy" like you just turn on this tap called "talent" and woosh it all pours out. People seem to not understand that it takes years of dedication and practice, just like any other skill (violin playing, brain surgery etc)
I havnt had to use any older works yet but soon have to go away for a family wedding so I am waiting to see if I manage to fit in the "daily practice" amist all the family stuff, maybe I shall do a block post when I get back of what I have done, we shall see.
Anyway, your work is wonderful, I love it.