Sunday, September 24, 2006

Daily painter trading cards - part 2

Last Sunday I posted my idea for an experiment. I wanted to find a way that would help us all to begin sharing art work and show us and future collectors, how easy it is to start collecting art.

I am anxious to begin but not comfortable with the process yet. Here are some thoughts I would like your comments on.

1. How do I know what to trade? I really don't like the idea I posted last week about trading the paintings that we don't care about . I personally would not be happy trading a painting I felt was not very good. Of course that limits me in what I have to trade. My new idea is this: I will paint one daily practice piece a month specifically to trade. I will feel much better trading a piece I am proud of.

2. What is the easiest way to post trades? My idea last week was to use Sunday as the day to post my painting for trade. I now think once a month will be better, so I will post only the first Sunday of each month as my day of trading. Does anyone have a better idea?

3. How do I answer if more than one person wants to trade? The best way, just be honest. Pick the one I want to trade with and tell the others I hope to meet them again the following month.

4. Are there other ways to trade? A friend emailed me last week that there are other trading sites already out there. (EBay) has one, and (Art cards).
I personally don't want to create cards for a specific group. I just want to paint what I enjoy, whatever size I want (5x7, 8x10 et.) and trade with anyone who has something I would enjoy collecting.

5. How do we get collectors buying more art? I hope to eventually get collectors involved. I think this is just one idea that gives collectors new options and reasons to buy more art. It could help them: to clear wall space for new work, change decor, begin a new type of collection, with an easy way to try on new artists. Or just give them a new way to have fun with original art work.

Enough typing for today. Next Sunday is the first Sunday of the month so I've got a painting to do if I'm going to trade next week. Please feel free to continue the conversation using the comments.


Shant said...

I would be interested. I have several blogs and am an ACEO card painter but most of my cards are post card size and bigger.

see this blog for examples

Louis Boileau said...

I like this idea. I'll trade when the details get worked out.

PaintingEachDay said...

Count me in, Peter ... Although my studio is totally packed (!) with 'Schlegel' paintings, my home is filled with art from fellow artists... I love the diversity .... and, am looking forward to 'showcasing' more artists. Keep us posted on details forthcoming.

... Also ... LOVE this painting~!

Anonymous said...

I am still interested, agree on the once a month thing and the being proud of what you trade...but I want to trade with you first!!
Oh yes can I be in it even if I do watercolours? ( I can do oils as well you know!) (if nesscessary)

David said...

Peter, these seem like a good set of guidelines to begin with. I like the idea, too, that we don't just post rejects, or paintings that didn't sell. Also, a trade could be with anyone that you like, regardless of size or medium. Water color for oil . . . 8x10 for 5x5, etc. Once a month, sounds much more reasonable an event to prepare for.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the "fear of collecting" I would like to suggest that one of the barriers to collecting (purchasing) is the absence of pricing information. There are many pieces that interest me but it makes me uncomfortable to contact the artist and make an inquiry. This may seem foolish but I maintain more sales could be made if a novice collector felt more at ease with the process. I would never shop where the prices were kept under wraps. It feels elitist.

David said...

Dear Anonymous -- Thanks for your input, it's a really good point. I'm going to go over my site now and make sure I have pricing in place for paintings that are still available. Cheers!

Simone of Art Critiques said...

I like your innovative ideas with art blogging.