Sunday, September 17, 2006

day painter trading cards or a plan to battle fear in starting an art collection

Lately I have been giving a lot of thought as to why there is so much fear associated with creating, selling and even collecting art. We artists are afraid of so many things. I suffer from these fears as much as the next guy and gal, fear of painting outside, fear of demonstrating in front of people, fear of adding color and ruining an underpainting, fear of not selling,of pricing my work, of not producing enough to sell, of not being good enough. I have more but I need to save those fears for future blog material.

When I read Anna Conti's blog last week - (how to start your own art collection) - I realized that collectors suffer from fear also. So, my brain came up with an experiment:

Daily Painter Trading Cards.
Before big money was involved, most older guys remember collecting and trading baseball cards . Just for fun. (I have no idea what most girls collected and traded then). As kids we would collect and trade these cards not for profit but to build a collection. No fear involved just fun and social interaction. Skip ahead to the present: I would like to try to show how easy and fun it can be to start collecting art. Here's what I propose:
1. I will start posting on Sundays only - daily painter trading cards.
2. I will post what paintings I have to trade. (I know we all have some that have not sold or we just don't care enough for. Use those.) Watercolors, sketches, printmaking, pastels. Rough, finished, it doesn't matter.
3. Hopefully someone will want to trade one of theirs. Answer by using the leave comment button. If you have something available, post it on your blog. Only on Sundays. And label it Daily Painter trading cards and the date. If you don't have a blog send an email with the attachment photos.

My hope is, first we can start sharing more art amoung each other. Second collectors come in and it builds from there. Of course, collectors will have to start by purchasing a piece of someone's art.
We all will need to let go of a little fear and build a little trust. As collections build more people will find better ways to buy, sell and trade. And world peace soon follows.

I can see the future now:
Daily painter collector No.1 "I have 2 Peter Yesis flower paintings I want to trade for 1 Darren Maurer Monopoly painting.".
Daily painter collector No.2 " I already have Peter Yesis. Who else have you got?"

Any ideas out there? I won't start until I hear some of your thoughts.


David said...

Peter -- count me in! I have a couple that I'd be more than willing to trade. Shall we start next week? Great idea!



Peter Yesis said...

Great David,
Let's see what others have to say before we ring the bell. Otherwise I a all for starting next week.

Todd said...

Peter, I think this idea is brilliant. I would like to participate.

PaintingEachDay said...

me, too ... Me, Too!

C.D. Romero said...

I like this idea. I have been in many shows that when the doors close on Sunday night the trading among artist begins. I have gotten some wonderful things in trade!

Anonymous said...

Good idea, I agree with all the fear stuff, look forward to you blogging on that one,anyway Ill give it a go,
Its me by the way,Sarah of the Red Shoes, Blogger is being very annoying and I cant comment unless I am anonymous. I think its because I updated to beta blogger, hope they sort it soon, thats why I havnt commented too much of late.

Robin Weiss said...

I love it lets do it!

Vivienne St Clair said...

I have two Peter Yesis' that I would never trade....but I like the idea, count me in, I have made some good trades with other artists in the past.