Thursday, September 07, 2006

painting piano keys

I don't have a photo of the subject like I normally show. That is because there was no way I could figure out how to hold the canvas in my hand, the palette on my lap, the brush in theother hand, and take a picture over my shoulder. So I ran back and forth ....
from the studio to the piano to take these pictures and to paint straight lines. There must be a better way.
I am going to need to figure out how to do paintings around the house. There are so many ideas I have. Perhaps I need a little box like Duane Keisser. Something small enough to sit in my lap.
Middle C
oil on canvas panel
available $80.00

I have had this idea in my head for a while. I thought of painting a whole series relating to piano keys. Of course every beginner knows you always start with Middle C........ So, I did.
I had to deal with the light changing while I painted this one. The eastern window in our living room had bright morning light, then cloudy indirect sunlight around noon. It was almost like painting outside.
Overall, I had fun.... How many people get to say that in their work? I am so fortunate.


bdelpesco said...

Wow, Peter, I love this! It gives the phrase "tickling the ivories" a whole new twist! And yes, please do lots of paintings from around your house. And don't forget kitchen-scenes!

Releia said...

This one is absolutely "striking!" I really do love it...fantastic job.

m collier said...

Very nice image. I hear music !!

Marco Bresciani said...

I have been always fascinated by the subject of musical instruments, since as a kid I saw Evaristo Baschenis' work in the fine art museum of my home town.

Your rendering of the keyboard capture the subtle variations of white, greys and blacks, while the reddish light of the framework (is it cherrywood?) casts a calm vibration over the white keys.

I also like the clean, vertical perspective you choose, that make the painting look a bit like a constructivist composition.

Very good! This is quite inspiring, maybe this weekend I will try to paint something similar.