Thursday, November 30, 2006

Daily Painting Practice 101- Pumpkin and Crock

Starting with a good solid composition always helps. Keep it simple and basic and you will not be fighting with the painting trying to make it into something it never was.
Basic block in of color. For me orange has got to be the most difficult color to paint. Wait a minute... didn't I say that about yellow a few weeks ago? Or was it red I can't do?

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Pumpkin and Crock
oil on masonite
I painted this because I received a message on Ebay from a person asking if I had any more paintings with pumpkins. She didn't say why. Maybe she just likes to look at pumpkins. I don't have any pumpkin paintings laying around but I still have the pumpkin from (my previous painting). These things last forever! I thanked the person for suggesting the idea because if she didn't, I would have been roaming the halls looking for something to spark my interest. After 100 daily painting practice posts I need help with my spark ;o)

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