Monday, June 25, 2007

daily painting practice - from flowers to figures

Something different this week. I thought I would change from painting flowers to painting figuratives. I also wanted to use some bolder color. You can't get much bolder than a flame red shirt.
One of my favorite artists is (Dean Mitchell). He does it all in watercolor and oils and he is a great example of someone who is able to capture and highlight human characteristics that make each subject an individual. He also has this great ability to blend abstract design with realism.
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Grill Master
oil on masonite

I deliberately painted this guy out of the picture frame in order to capture the strength and size of his character. I don't think it would have worked as well if I had made the figure smaller and left space around the shoulders. Some people have a huge presence and this guy seemed to be that kind of man.


Anonymous said...

Very big guy, but you have captured a quiet gentle guy. Love the warmth in this piece. I am off to draw figures today. Thinking the change is needed occasionally

Donald Wienand said...

..yes, nice composition

m collier said...

So Nice ---

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful painting. I love the contrast in colors and how vibrant this is!