Friday, June 08, 2007

daily painting practice - Peaches and Peonies Series Part 2

around the Day 2 - Continuing the series of painting Peaches and Peonies. Only this time I left out the peaches. Painting a series allows me to experiment with many of the ingredients that go into the recipe of a painting. Here I changed the size (from 5x7 to 8x8) and the format from rectangular to square. I also added a peony to the arrangement and started with a darker pre-toned board. I painted the lighter background to create a silhouette of the form.

The paper is a list of focus points I keep attached to my easel. It reminds me of the main ingredients I should be using in my composition.
Another benefit of doing a series - Comparing one painting to another before adding the finishing touches.

click on the painting to enlarge the image

White Peonies in a Green Glass Vase
oil on Artboard

I like the composition of this painting. The leaf on the rightside pointing down adds just the right amount of movement and balances the fan of leaves on top.


Anonymous said...

very nice! The peonies live and breathe. Do you mind sharing how you mixed the background colors, on the first? I actually prefer the first painting, not sure why.

Peter Yesis said...

THanks Judy-
can't really remember the background colors because I had pre-toned the board. I think I pre-toned with Cadmium orange Ultra marine blue and Raw Sienna, but I am not sure. The lighter paint in the background I think was Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow and a touch of Cadmium Orange.

David said...

nice brushwork, too, Peter. very nice.

m collier said...

Great painting --