Thursday, July 19, 2007

Daily Painting Practice is 1 year old today

Yes it is true!
I have completed one year of Daily Painting Practice!

Enough celebration back to work. Remember yesterday I said I thought challenging yourself was important? Well, I really dove over the edge in challenging myself. My second year of Daily Painting Practice will be dedicated to doing Plein Air Painting. Yikes!

Of course I need to equip myself properly. Most Plein Air painters I see use a pocade box on a camera tripod. But my art supply budget is currently being spent on frames for my show. What can I do?

The art gods whisper in my ear , " You can build it yourself. we think"

So the handyman in me gets out an old paint box and a few tools. "I'll just cut this thing in half...."

I need a few more tools. This may take a bit longer than I thought but it still might work. " All I need is..."

A few more tools ...and some really good glue.

Of course I don't read the instructions on the glue where it says DO NOT get any on your skin until I have it on my skin. Also I am in bare feet and have walked through a few drops of glue that dripped on the floor. This is not going as smoothly as I thought.
Finally, if all else fails. Get the Duct Tape! It holds (3) 9"x12" panels, paint and a prayer book.
Here's the set up. Not bad. I even made some wet canvas carriers for 8x10's and 5x7's.

The best part is it all fits in this handy carry on case. I am good to go. All I need now....... is the nerve to do it.


Stefanie said...


Congratulations! What a awesome accomplishment. I am new to your blog, so I am looking forward to this next year of work. Your project here is so inspiring- way cool.

Cara said...

Very clever - you'll be fine and I can't wait to see the results,

Anonymous said...

Well, you've announced it to the world. You can't back out now!
With that set-up, you could go paint abroad.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what you produce out in the field. Exciting!

David said...

Congratulations on the milestone, Peter. And, a very impressive paint-box mod! Looking forward to your adventures in plein air this coming year.

René PleinAir said...

Yessssss now it's gonna happen!!

Good luck Peter, there is soo much to be painted. Take care

Anonymous said...

Will the plein-air projects include some outings with the...(New grandkid yet?????)

Sarah said...

may the art gods be with you and every brush stroke be full of confidence....well done for the year.