Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Daily Painting Plein Air Practice - Day 5 - Corning Fountain

The last day of the Corning, Iowa Paint Out. I knew I wanted to stay in the shade again so I picked the center of the park and this cool looking fountain. The Plein Air Paint Out was part of a weekend festival in the town. The hot dogs were being grilled to my left. That was a test of concentration.
Here's the set up at work. Thanks to my wife/photographer.

Corning Fountain
oil on masonite

I picked a real challenge. I like the subject though , very small town America. My favorite part, the yellow ribbons on the lamp posts. A sad but tender reminder there are those we are missing.

I stayed on this one too long though. I could tell because I was getting tired and grumpy. The light had changed so dramatically from the beginning that I began to re-paint areas I thought were finished, breaking rule number 1 in plein air painting code of conduct.

I will take this back to the studio and fix it. Over all I enjoyed the day and the experience was priceless.


tlwest said...

great painting!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is the lamp posts with ribbons too.
It's always fun to see the artist at work. Nice that your wife went with you. : )

Anonymous said...

That is why they call it pain-ting. An instructor in art school used to emphasize the pain part.