Monday, September 24, 2007

Daily Painting Practice Plein Air - Day 15 - The Convent

There is a church with wonderful architectural features in Omaha called St. Cecilia's Cathedral. Looking from the east, the morning sun can light up these spires or bell towers.
I wasn't pleased with this as a composition. Though the local color is there.
This is directly across the street. Actually I am painting in the same spot only turned to my left. While I painted this wonderful old building a priest noticed me and came over to see what I was doing. He told me a little history of the building. It was now empty and had been, I think he said for the last 10 years. He was very glad to tell me they had plans to knock it down and replace it with a new building. Something about that is very sad. It is a lovely building with a lot of character.
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The Convent
oil on masonite

This might make an interesting larger painting. I should look at it again and see what autumn colors do for it.

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René PleinAir said...

I do recognize this story sooo well. It's so common here that I sometimes think the other way around, everything I paint is gonna be knocked down. You're right Peter it somewhat sad. At least you have made a great painting of it. I have the idea that somehow it shows, that documenting worth thing in it. (Does this make sense?) Anyway, I think this is one of you best work yet, ... loosely done, complex, nice composition, lovely color and THE STORY don't forget that one it's all feeling, mood and inspiration what makes the clock tick. Or better the brush wave. :-D