Sunday, September 09, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - the show

WOW! What an experience. My first opening was Friday night. I still am coming down to earth. So many friends and family surrounding me and supporting me. I truly live a blessed life. What a great feeling it was to know so many people came and enjoyed the show. I only wish that my gratitude reaches all of them and they feel how happy they made me.
Where should I begin?
First, I can now admit to being nervous. But my wife/councilor/organizer thought of everything. All I had to do was show up...
Focus ...breath...and if I forgot my name look down.
She even handled the last minute touches. Just to make sure everything was perfect. She is a gift from art heaven.

Here's a peek of what some of it looked liked. The gallery did a great job hanging it.

The crowd kept coming. I think I didn't stop talking from 5:00 til we left at 10:OOPM. I learned so much. I'll share with you all of my notes at another time. I posted all of the work on my (website) so you can see the work.

Some even sold. Oh happy day! Thanks go out to all who helped and attended. It was a night I'll never forget.
Now its time to move on. Tomorrow starts a new adventure. My promise to do a whole year of Plein Air Painting Practice. This will be a blast.


Robin Weiss said...

Congatulations Peter! Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Looks like it was a great show. I'm sure the nervousness dissipated midway through the evening. (please tell me it does).

I'm excited about your plein air plan.

Gaylynn said...

Congratulations Peter! I have enjoyed following you this past year and looking forward to watching you paint en plien air. May you have many more nights like last Friday.

Mike said...

I fully and completely empathize with what you were feeling, Peter. It is a real buzz to have your first big show . . .and your paintings really stand out! Congratulations on your show and your sales. Take a bow!!

Healthy living said...

This is really beautiful

Stacey Peterson said...

Congratulations on a successful show! It's been fun to watch you work on the paintings for the past few months, and finally see them all come together for the event.