Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - - 72nd street in the rain

My new studio buddy is busy studying color and texture. I now have the honor of watching this little guy several days a week. I guess my plein air work schedule is going to need changing. That's not the only thing that needs changing...back in a minute.
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72nd Street in the Rain
oil on canvas board

This is actually a studio painting not plein air. I was out looking for interesting subjects to paint in the rain as I drove up to a stop sign on 72nd street. I sat there at the stop sign, in my truck, studying and absorbing the color and the light for about 15 minutes. People must have thought my truck broke down. Soon after I noticed a car had driven up behind me so I had to move. I quickly snapped a few photos out the car window and drove on.

I thought I could catch the feel of that rainy day if I kept everything low keyed and grey. My favorite part is the truck's lights reflecting on the wet pavement. Ever since I was a young kid, I have always enjoyed looking at art books with prints of rainy day street scenes like the ones (Charles Burchfield) painted. I now one of my own.


René PleinAir said...

Oooooooh wat is dit mooi!!!

Ow, sorry.

Wooooow what is this beautiful!!!

I think I am going to stop saying that this is my favorite one, ....
it's making no sense when you do it at all the painting you make is it?

I have mine to :-D Here!

Mike said...

Man!!!! That piece just LOOKS wet!! What an amazing mood this one has, Peter!

As for taking on a new painting buddy . . . .he doesn't look too unhappy about it . . .and it is VERY clear that you sorta like havin' him around, too.

Looks to me like this day was mighty special!!

Ed Terpening said...

Peter, I bet you can paint the little guy, no? He must sleep a bit. Sleeping children can make great models.

Peter Yesis said...

Thanks Guys-
Renee -I can feel the rain in your painting. Makes me want to change into dry clothes.
Mike- Yeah, the kid grows on me.Every one of these days is special I am just happy to help out.
Ed - You are right. He sleeps enough to get a good sketch in. Only problem is when he sleeps it's my nap time too.( my newborn parenting muscles are a bit out of shape)