Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - First snow in Benson

Here is the latest work in progress photo for the larger piece I am working on. As you can see I have started on the flowers. It is at the half way mark. I would say the under painting is complete enough to really begin the fun part. Only...I need some space from it before the fun begins. So I started a daily practice piece.
The first real snow fell this past week. I walked around town (it was 15 degrees so I did not paint outside). However, I did stand there and make mental notes as to lighting and color. I tried to start on a canvas washed with that weird purplish sky color of that overcast winter day.
The colors are all muted to give it a cool feeling.
I think the pencil marks I used for the wires are too harsh here so I needed one more step.
click on the image to enlarge the painting

First Snow in Benson
oil on canvas board

Now I'm cold again. Time for some hot chocolate.


René PleinAir said...

Now I'm cold again. Time for some hot chocolate.
Indeed, and well earned!!

The one thing I am a bit puzzled about though is the composition, ... why so exactly in the middle? Would it give more dynamic when the telephone poles where more to the right? (for the viewer)You would have got a nicely L scape comp. that way.

Making A Mark said...

I really like your snow picture.

Looks to me like one of those great images that one can go on repeating and still find something new to try each time.

Peter Yesis said...

Rene' - Thanks for the critique. I think you may be correct. I will need to re-vist this site and see how the composition changes. I think a early morning visit may be interesting.

Katherine- You are also correct. IN fact you have given me an idea to go back to this little alley and paint it several times at different times of the day. Thanks for the idea.

Steve Gibson said...

I think the strong verticle with the dark negative space to the right of it does work to make the viewer look down the alley then the telephone wires and building on the left bring the viewer back to the alley.