Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Tis the time to reflect

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Thinking About It
work in progress
oil on canvas

I have not been posting my daily practice paintings as often as usual because this is the time of year I slow down and do a lot of thinking and planning. Reflection is a much needed exercise for me. I need to set goals for next year or I get lost in doing what comes easy and not doing what I need to do.

To start me off in the right direction for the new year, my art studio designer/wife and I cleaned and rearranged the studio. (It was a disaster) But now I have room to think. I hardly ever meet these new year goals but I like to set them anyway. Sort of a tune-up exercise before setting off on a new adventure. One of my first thoughts is to look back and review some old habits. (this can get very ugly) Sometimes it can be hard to limit the areas that I need work on. One habit I know I have had forever is starting paintings and not completing them. Here are a few I gave up on and put in the closet.
Cats are fun to paint but for some reason I lost my interest in this guy.
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Done for the Day
work in progress
oil on canvas

Here's another that got shoved in the "Never to be seen again" pile.
I know it would only take a little attention and I could finish these. So that is one decision for '08.... Finish these two and make a vow to the art gods to finish what I start.
Here is my new model encouraging me and giving me her best Outdoor Life pose.


Barbara Pask said...

They both look done to me, especially the cat painting. I know as an artist only you know when they're done. I'm still learning but I do most of my painting in a smaller size so I can complete them quicker and move one. Good luck to you in the new year. Barb

Anonymous said...

Very nice work! I chuckled about the starting and not finishing remark. This often seems to be my M.O., but I just *make* myself (eventually) get to it. I think the reason, for me, at least, is that starting is challenging and creative, and finishing can sometimes be, well, boring. I don't know why this is. It's not as if you cease making decisions in the finishing, process, but they are somehow less...dynamic?

Any way, enough psychology! For these two pieces you mentioned, however, it could be that they *are* done. I agree with Barbie, the kitty really looks complete to me. The softness of the light suits the quiet, intimate subject matter. I love that one. Not only because of the way it's handled, but also because it reminds me of my own dearly departed big boy.

J Matt Miller said...

I love that cat's fur--so soft and full of variety. Don't abandon this one!

Stacey Peterson said...

Finishing is always a challenge - I agree with Jennifer that the beginning is so fun and dynamic, but the end is just small steps that sometimes seem so boring.

If it helps any, these both look finished to me!!! I love the dog!