Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daily Painting Practice- Waiting for Customers - Study

I was in downtown Omaha yesterday delivering my entry for a national competition. The Nebraska Council for the Arts wants to commission some new paintings for the new Veterans Home. That's one of the things I have been so busy with lately. Anyway it is done and now it is up to the judges to decide. Wish me luck!

After dropping off the proposal I walked to a cafe in the Old Market and had a cup of coffee. ( "No tea?" you ask.) Coffee?? at a Cafe??? ...He must be in a new artistic phase of life. The next thing is to start wearing a beret.
Anyway, this is the view from the counter. I liked how inviting the sunlight was and the fact that their were no other customers.
click on the image to enlarge the photo
Waiting for Customers - Study
oil on canvas board
My intent was to see if this composition works in a square format. I think it has possibilities. I was concerned that not having a figure at a table might make the picture less interesting. It is strange but I think if I add a lone figure along the back wall it might help with the sense of emptiness. It would also give the viewer a place to rest. OK, I talked myself into it. The larger studio painting will have the figure.


rob ijbema said...

i really like this peter,the chairs are so well done and the light is lovely,i would not change a thing!

茱利亞 said...

Your still life painting really great. Keep up!