Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daily Painting Practice- Beginning Northwoods No.3 and more progress on Summer Still Life

Click on the painting to enlarge the image

Summer Still Life - Work in Progress
oil on canvas

Still working on the Summer Still Life though I think I am almost there. Good thing since  summer is gone and Fall is here. I am currently in a state of confusion about whether I should put the designs on the table cloth or leave them off. I also think the background needs to be more blue and less purple.

Here's a sneak peak of my next Northwoods painting, Northwoods No.3. I am painting this with a much more impressionistic style.    The scene reminded me of something John Singer Sargent or William Merritt Chase would paint.

Mrs Chase In Prospect Park by William Merritt Chase. This is at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Manhattan, New York. Of course they always put women in their boats for some reason. Mrs. Chase looks a little bored with the idea of sitting there. I wonder what she was thinking?

Northwoods series No. 3 - Work in Progress
oil on masonite
 I'm not sure how finished a painting this will be but it is starting out  with that American Impressionistic style which is fun. I may have to put a woman with a long white dress in the boat to make it official though.


Rob Hazzard said...

First time to your blog, beautiful work! Really like seeing your works in progress. said...

beautiful still life and the boat painting is heading in the same direction.