Friday, April 23, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Plein Air Test Flight

click on the painting to enlarge the image
Marge Painting in John's Garden
oil on masonite panel

This week I gave my new Plein Air box a trial run. I had wanted to show photos of the process but my camera decided to quit on me (that's a post for another day). Anyway, my painting friends Marge and John decided to get together at John's house and paint plein air. Perfect timing, I thought, to test drive the new gear.

A few bumps and mis-steps, but much like Spring training for baseball players, I expected to see these. Over all, it felt very comfortable and I like the results. Here are a few of the mis-steps;

  • Half of the Turps I brought in my back pack leaked out of the gasketed "leak proof" can I purchased. Luckily I had it packed in a plastic bag.
  • I loosened one of the screws too much on the bar that raises the panel, before reading the little fine printed label that says "don't loosen the screw too much".
  • My camera quit on me! (this must be traumatic because I keep repeating it).
  • I was standing on the neighbor's lawn and painting just as that neighbor decided to have her lawn sprinkler system tested for Spring. ( thank God oil paints are water proof... artists aren't)

Over all a great time!


Anonymous said...

great post:)) the trauma of camera breaking i can relate to (as well as all the other classical mistakes or mishaps). it took me over an hour to muster up the courage to check my camera after i dropped it... kept looking at it from the corner of my eye and if it hadn't been for the fact that i couldnt concentrate on my painting i might not have checked at all!

Kathy Jurek said...

Sounds like fun, Peter. Sorry I missed out!

Tricia Tice said...

Peter, I'm glad I discovered your blog. I'm thinking about purchasing the EASyL Lite and want to know if you are happy with it or if you wished you had bought something with a larger palette. Have you had any problems with the tripod? What other advice do you have about equipment? Tricia