Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - How to Get in the Right Mood to Paint Maine

I often wonder how many other artists approach paintings in the same way I do. I think I spend more time thinking and trying to feel my way through painting then I do actually pushing paint.

As I begin to paint this scene of coastal Maine, I need to find a way to feel like I am there.... in Maine! ( Which isn't the easiest thing to do sitting in a basement in Nebraska).

So, I do a lot of sitting back and staring at the canvas using my imagination to make the scene real to me. But sometimes even more drastic measures are needed.

I had to put on my hat and boots and get a cup of blueberry tea. I also started listening to old sea shanties and snorting salt water.

You also can see my latest addition to the routine. I started wearing disposable gloves to keep the toxins out. I got a package of fifty fairly cheap at Home Depot. I use the Nitrile gloves not the latex or vinyl because they are not for use with turpentine.


Caroline Peña Bray said...

This is really interesting and has made me think about how I paint. I don't sit back and look at my work enough. I'm consciously afraid of what I'll see so I only sit back when I'm approaching completion, and even then my eyes only tickle the surface of the painting. I'll try looking in more detail today as surely looking can only help me improve. Thanks for sharing - an enjoyable and, as you can see, helpful read!

Luc Cromheecke said...

Great work, I'm a fan!

Shirl said...

I do the same thing!! Spend so much time staring at my canvas (or whatever project I'm working on)..imagining, trying out different ideas in my head, trying to make it 'perfect' (in my mind) before it actually exists(<~to the point of my complete frustration!!)I just wish I could bloomin well sit down and paint and not think soooo much!!! :oS
Glad I'm not the only one!
Shirl :o)
ps...yet another beautiful piece of work by the everything you do

jimserrettstudio said...

Great post.
Wonderful work.
Snorting salt water, I may have to try that.

Anonymous said...


Great set design. You might add a fragrant pot of steaming clam chowder on the stove and a sprig of pine needles. Your nose will take you there. Just don't close your eyes. Bad for painting, especially with hot tea in your hand.


Amy Mann said...

Hat and boots and blueberry tea, adorable! Your painting is looking like you were there! I've done a lot of painting in Maine and Canada, and have loads of photos. Maybe I'll try a studio painting from photo and memory (Schoodic Point!!) Thanks for the inspiration.

Celeste Bergin said...

boil a lobster---that'll put you there!

(nice painting in the works)

Edcooper_art said...

Brilliant work!.....just discovered your blog...quality work!....such big pics as well!...might need to tweak my blog = )