Monday, June 14, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Progress with Still Life

Change  is a good thing. I believe that holds true in  life (still or not), painting and for blogs. So I have changed the layout of the blog ( I think my third in 5 years). Speaking of changes, I have changed the design on the plate in this still life 4 times. I am close to calling it the final design but nowhere near the final phase of painting. Much to do yet.

Work in Progress- Still Life with Orange
oil on canvas

This has been a week of changes in the studio. I changed the music website I use to listen to music while painting. My daughter-in-law suggested I try( Pandora Radio). I must say it is  excellent. I highly recommend it for any artist in need of   a change to the studio routine. You choose the artist or song and they custom build a radio station for you.  I have my Micheal Buble/ Frank Sinatra station, my Randy Travis/George Jones station, of course the Ella Fitzgerald station and  my newest, a classical  Joshua Bell station.

This is not me juggling oranges...  just  using  this one  to get a better feel for the texture. Frank Sinatra singing "Come Fly with Me" in the background.... Life (still or not) is good.


Michelle said...

Wow, that Pandoras Radio is very cool! I like to listen to books on tape when I paint but there are stages of the process when only music will do. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Excellent still life Peter. My favorite is the napkin. I like the angled shapes against the curves of the other objects. Nice job.