Thursday, July 01, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Red Roses

click on the image to enlarge the painting

Red Roses
oil on masonite panel

Completed another small painting! Yahoooo!This is a companion piece to the White Peony painting.( both shipped off to my gallery this week!)

I like doing paintings that are companions,related subjects, or just a series. It is a fun way to build up inventory, explore subjects, and practice with the new techniques but in different compositions and light.

I love painting flowers, every now and then I like to do these smaller intimate portraits of them. To me each flower has a personality and it is a fun challenge to try and capture it. I'd like to try a series of weed flowers that grow in our yard and gardens. They are wild, stubborn,independent survivors that deserve a place on the wall.


Anonymous said...

These have a good, rich sense of felt reality. Very nice.

I hope you do that weed series. They are worthy!

Lisa Daria said...

This is beautiful - I love the bud on the top right - the sheen of the vase and the feathery petals. . .

David said...

Beautiful, Peter! Delicate . . . soft petals are a lovely contrast to the bold color of the vase.

Anonymous said...

You really capture the beauty of the rose. Keep is a blessing to us all!

Unknown said...

So beautiful!