Saturday, August 28, 2010

Daily Painting Progress - Painting Marigolds - One step forward, two steps back

Sometimes things don't as planned in the studio.  Every now and then I suffer from an old artistic ailment... I over paint.  There is no cure, you just have to avoid risky behavior and stay away from raiding the refrigerator when things go astray. ( I'm a new member of  EEA - Emotional Eaters Anonymous) I  actually  should have left well enough alone.

One of the benefits I get from this blog is that I take all of these progress photos, and as a result I can step back in time and see  when I have murdered the  light in  a painting.

Nothing to do now but to go back in and see if I can pull the light out again... and of course stay away from the refrigerator.

Speaking of  going back into a painting...a

Loons Lullaby -
still a work in progress

I am still going back into this painting. I keep finding areas to work on.  One day ( before the sun  goes down in this  painting) I may actually  finish it.


Anonymous said...

over-paint? i don't think so unless you have photo-shopped that final painting of the marigolds! it is a beautiful protrayal of the this flower capturing it's essence!

Sharon Kay said... lost your light on the marigolds. Doesn't that just tick you off when it happens!

I wish you would tell us, here on your blog, just what it is that is unfinished on your loon painting. It looks perfect to me. What am I missing? Don't lose your light on this's awesome!

Unknown said...

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