Friday, September 24, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Marigolds

A few posts ago I mentioned,  I had better do some of these small  flower paintings as a backup. Well good thing I started and now finished one. My gallery ( desChamps Gallery) in N.J.  has  been having success in selling several of my paintings and has asked for more.

click on the photo to enlarge the image

oil on panel

I have the companion piece started but I may switch to another flower next. Anyway. Good news on the marketing side, the flip side of that is I need to generate a lot more paintings. No time to chat... just enough time to make a cup of tea and head back to the studio!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daily Painting Practice- Completed Northwoods painting - Loon's Lullaby

I  actually signed it! You all may be bored with me posting about this painting but I finally  can call it  finished.
click on the painting to enlarge the image
Loons Lullaby
oil on canvas

While we were on vacation we  stopped at the  Portland Museum of art in Portland Maine.  What a great small  museum.  Dedicated to mostly American artists,  I was able to  study a painting,Mt. Katahdin from Millinocket Camp, by Frederic Edwin Church. Seeing the way  he handled  the light on the trees really helped me finish this painting.

 Phillips Mill Inn
work in progress

So, one completed and another one on the way.  Here is the latest progress on my  painting of the Phillips Mill Inn. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Painting Progress - Painting Down East Maine

I have not posted for a while, but  I  have a good excuse  for at least one week. I have been on vacation ( painting/business trip for tax purposes)  in Maine  for a week.  Maine is an incredible  place to paint/visit/eat/relax... We spent the week  along the coast, just past  Bar Harbor.

  Plein air painting is hard enough when the light changes every  10 minutes, shadows move or disappear completely when the sun decides to hide behind the clouds. The wind also was interesting. It pulled my painting umbrella right out of it's support.( I should have read the instructions on how to keep the umbrella attached)

But up here along the  northern  coast of Maine there is an added  complication.  Tides. The Bay of Fundy is not too far away and they  have the  highest  tide changes in the world. ( 55 feet).   We didn't have that much change in the tide  but it is noticeable during a painting session.
( look at the photo above) Here I am at the beginning. Do you see any rocks in the water?
An hour or so later.  Do you see the difference? No water, more rocks.

One great thing about painting in Maine is that you can literally turn in any direction or walk a few feet and sit down and paint an entirely different subject.

This isn't 20 feet from the first photo.

Of course another thing Maine is famous for is the fog. I think it has more fog than anywhere else in the world. So, in addition to tides,wind, sun, angry seagulls,  there is fog.

  Or  do you call it mist? I call it a challenge. Especially when it changes color and  thickness each minute or two. Mother Nature and I played this game of  "now you  see the coast and now you don't."

Anyway here's three little color studies. I have so many painting ideas I don't know where to begin.

Oh, before I forget. Another reason this was a business trip. I just got into another Gallery... right here in Maine! So I better get painting!