Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Stand Back From the Still Life

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Has no Name Yet - work in progress
oil on canvas

Remember this one? I could name it "resurrection" because I think it has come back from the dead. (several times).  I like how it has developed though, and as you can see, I have been having lots of fun with the texture of the wall in the background. ( not so much fun with the texture of the  orange.)
One idea behind this painting was all about painting different textures.  But now, I am at a familiar spot in the painting process... the  "Stand Back from the  Still Life!" spot.
I was  reading one of my  favorite art blogs, Art and Influence, written by  Armand Cabrera. His latest post is titled "(Bouguereau Quotes Part 2".)
 There is one quote from Bouguereau I can really relate too. (especially now)

"Starting a picture is very pleasant, for you always believe that this time you’re going to create a masterpiece; you take pains, and little by little the painting takes shape, the effect comes through. You feel marvelous sensations. When it’s done however things are different. You want to touch up the arm, the movement of the body doesn’t seem graceful…and you end up doing nothing for fear of having to redo the whole thing completely."

I get that feeling a lot. The best way I have found to get past it is to  take very small steps. First take a tiny section. ( perhaps the  light side of the orange)  Analyze it, look at it critically.( go back to  my last two posts) and fix that  part. Then take another small part and fix that area.  Keep moving and  you will soon have gotten yourself past  your dilemma...

Of course you may end up right back where you started... needing to step away from the painting!


Marilyn M. King said...

Peter, this is marvelous! The different textures keeps me interested and studying each part. The pearly look of the vase is amazing, how do you do that!? Really love this painting!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. This is certainly worth taking your time, until you know what the next step is. It is lovely at this stage. The cloth is my favorite part, beautiful light and texture.

Kevin McSherry said...

Hi Peter,
I dropped in to see how you're getting on. Fantastic work. Sorry to hear about the gout...

Celeste Bergin said...

excellent painting! wow! I would be tempted to call it "ginger jar"--but that would be dull? Well, congratulations--your hard work paid off big time!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful painting...thanks for show to us...GBU