Friday, December 31, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Happy new Year - now paint those mums!

click on painting to enlarge the image

Mum Mum Mia
work still in progress
oil on canvas

Is it the end of the year or beginning of the new? I guess it depends how you look at it. Sometimes painting is the same. Am I half way done or only half way started?

I am not making predictions or setting goals this new year... (because I never keep or complete them anyway.) Instead,  I am evaluating old habits, affirming my passion, and channeling my gratitude. A much better way to start... or end the year.

My first discovery  for the new year is that I have developed a bad habit of painting sitting down. Now this may not be a bad habit for everybody, but I have discovered it does not do good things for me or my work.

I tend to  work too close to the canvas when I am sitting and I don't move back often enough to evaluate each brush stroke. Hence, my painting quality and production suffer.  I also suffer... (perhaps too strong a word). Let'as just say  I get lazy not wanting to get out of my seat. The artist's version of a couch potato.

I started painting this week standing up. The effect was immediate and positive. I have better concentration, I step back every two or three brush strokes, my blood gets going, more passion in the process, I burn more calories dancing to the music in the studio.

Above is a photo of my palette. I was (standing there) admiring the rich colors when I was hit again with bad habit number two: If I like the rich color on the palette why isn't my painting reflecting that? duh.... So, I laid on some bold reds and yellows.... Now that's more like it! Oh bad habit number three....keeping the tea cup  next to the turps..( that one may take a while to fix).


Sheriart said...

Beautiful painting. Your flowers are rich with color.

KEH said...

beautiful work! I'm in awe of how vivid and colorful the flowers look, I almost feel like I could reach out and feel flower petals! Keep up the great painting in the new year :)

Marilyn R Miller said...

The painting is getting better and better... The palette is beautiful too, a great still life itself!
Stand while you can! Age and arthritis no longer allow me to stand....
I should try dancing while painting again...that might help!

Kathy Jurek said...

Hi Peter, Happy New Year! You look like you're almost done to me. It's beautiful :)

Jane said...

Wauw!!! This is spectacular!! Really love it.
Happy New year.

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Cara said...

I really love this painting - and I enjoyed the post - thanks and here's to a great new year -

monarte said...

I have enjoyed reading your posts and your paintings are lovely. I have add you to my favorites lists and will return often. I haven't come across many blogs that share their work step by step. It's such an inspiration.

Mark Nesmith said...

It seems we share some of the same bad habits, especially the one about the drinking cup next to the turps! So far I haven't mixed them up ... at least I don't think I have!

Unknown said...


mysticmoy said...

lovely work, I totally agree with the sitting down thing. I have been doing too much of that just lately. it does make a difference.
Oh and the coffee next to the painting definately not a good idea. it doesnt taste very nice, dirty water, or turps! keep up the gorgeous work.

Dianne said...

Love your work and your blog, I'm going to "follow" it. On standing at the easel, yes, it adds energy to the paintings. A note on your palette set-up regarding the tea cup: My solution has been to always use a covered cup (like a travel mug) anywhere near the palette. I also saved a clear, covered drink cup the last time I went to a fast food place to hold cold drinks. Keeps beverages safe from loaded brushes!