Friday, July 30, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Yellow Flowers

In a previous post a few weeks ago, "Red Roses", I mentioned I would like to do a series on weed flowers. Well, I got a little side tracked because the Red Roses went off to the gallery and sold right away.  So I need to replace it.
Sorry I didn't take a photo of the earlier  stages but  here are the critical ones. First, I thought I was finished here... actually just wishful thinking.

I knew it needed something so I started playing around with Liquin and doing more wet into wet painting.

Nearly there I thought but, the background wasn't helping.

 Yellow Flowers
not the official title
oil on  masonite

Much better  with the darker background I think. I have no idea what kind of flowers these are.  They are not pansies but look like them.  That's what happens when you throw out the label. Now all I need is my official title-giver/wife to come up with a name.

I have enough trouble with this one medium (oil paint) but there are other artists who seem to excel with anything they use to create. A friend of mine sent me a link about an artist who uses a dirty car as his medium. Take a look.

Then I found an artist I truly admire for his talent and stunning work on canvas. David Kassan.
However this painting on an Ipad surprised me. Be sure to watch it until the end... oh and turn down your volume the music is a bit loud. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Daily Painting Practice- New Hope and New Jersey painting

I grew up in New Jersey and always loved the western part of the state. The rich history of this area of our country always fascinated me. I always hoped to find  some  relic of the revolutionary  war  when  walking in the woods. When I grew up  many of these small towns near and along the Delaware river still held relics of their historical roots. It is a rare thing in the USA  to have so many buildings from so long ago still  standing, let alone lived in and used as barns, taverns, inns and homes.  So when I traveled back to the area last week to visit family I also decided to take some time  to stop  and paint .

I lived in the Stockton area of New Jersey for a while. Stockton itself has many historic homes and buildings. This old house was built from stones quarried along the Delaware river.  It reminds me of the type of subject the New Hope School artists painted at the turn of the last century.  I have always admired that group of painters.   What I like most about their work is that they really captured the  light and atmosphere  found only in  those Delaware river  communities.  The light is very distinct.

George Sotter
Bucks County Winter Farm House at Night
This painting by George Sotter, one of the  New Hope artists,  is typical of the  buildings along the Delaware. This was painted  about 100 years ago when the building  were already 150 years old.  It is amazing to me that many of these very same homes are still standing.

Here is something  fun to try if your ever visit that area.  The ( James A. Michener Art Museum )has a web page that gives directions to the sites that artists like Daniel Garber, another  favorite  American Impressionist  painted.

Here's a photo of a spot on the Pennsylvania side that I stopped and decided to paint. This is at Phillips Mill just north of  New Hope. This is the Phillips Mill Inn and was probably built around 1750. George Washington  and the  Continental Army probably ate  bread that was made from the wheat milled here.

I did a quick study of the front of the Inn... but I was more excited about  the barn in the back.

I was having fun,  but the heat of the day was unbearable.  Even in the morning it was like 100 degrees.  You can't enjoy  plein air painting  when  sweat starts pouring down your pants.

I'm going to paint this scene on a larger canvas... in my air conditioned studio.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Daily Painting Practice - Red Roses

click on the image to enlarge the painting

Red Roses
oil on masonite panel

Completed another small painting! Yahoooo!This is a companion piece to the White Peony painting.( both shipped off to my gallery this week!)

I like doing paintings that are companions,related subjects, or just a series. It is a fun way to build up inventory, explore subjects, and practice with the new techniques but in different compositions and light.

I love painting flowers, every now and then I like to do these smaller intimate portraits of them. To me each flower has a personality and it is a fun challenge to try and capture it. I'd like to try a series of weed flowers that grow in our yard and gardens. They are wild, stubborn,independent survivors that deserve a place on the wall.