Thursday, February 03, 2011

Daily Painting Practice - continuing Rembrandt's shelf -making progress and changes

 Making progress. I added the candlestick holder  to the composition.It holds the burnt match  nicely and I think it ties the  bottom together... I still painted a match on the table for fun.
 Worked on the glass and started sharpening  some edges, and softening others. Working on Rembrandt a little too.
Now the big debate going on in the studio is whether or not to put titles on the books.


Mary Sonya conti said...

my mind is looking for the titles to move the eye through the piece
wonderful work

Karla said...

I wasn't looking for titles until you said there is a debate about including titles. Now I really look for them. LOL Nice work

Amy Mann said...

Until now, I've been thinking the upright book was a cigar... maybe some writing on the spine would help. Beautiful painting!

Amy Mann said...

Also, I'm slightly bothered by the way the thing Rembrandt is holding (a brush? a mahl stick?) is "kissing" the spine of the book. It's at exactly the same angle. I don't think that book/cigar is working for me. :-)

Sam Johnson said...

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