Tuesday, March 15, 2011

daily painting practice - Prayers and Thoughts for the people of Japan

Maybe it is my subject matter but I am sitting here in my comfortable studio painting this piece and  I can't stop thinking about what the people in Japan are dealing with.
They need more than our prayers and thoughts though that maybe the first thing we usually do. Find a group and or organization and donate today.
Then  in a month  do it again. As we have seen in the past, these  disasters tend  to get far worse  before they get  better....so do what you can....
Work in Progress
oil on canvas


Cheryl Pass said...

This painting is gorgeous! It does seem so appropriate with our minds focused on the Japanese people with prayers and hope. Your thoughts are understood and appreciated.

I love this one...just amazing.

René PleinAir said...

Been such awhile since I commented on your paintings but do know I still enjoy every one of them. It seems to me that you become better and better and better, but by doing so still maintaining the spontaneous way of presenting your paintings online.

Unknown said...


Take a look at the Help Japan Painting Challenge at http://www.dailypaintworks.com/Challenge/FC50B15D-5016-4E5E-87F2-87C3F79BA65B

It's all about artists, such as yourself helping those in Japan.

Take care,

- David Marine

Susan said...

Peter, I have loved following your work. This is particularly both inspired... and inspiring.
- Susan Hammer

Jack Oates and Kelly Oates said...

Absolutely brilliant, both in your technique and the meaning and message! Thanks so much for sharing your work in this way!