Sunday, December 11, 2011

Daily Painting Practice- Going green - recycling old paintings.

 I was never really keen on this painting. It felt so blah, to me. So instead of letting it sit around the studio I decided to go green and  recycle it. There is a danger in this approach however ...  hint- always ask if your inventory manager/wife feels the same way before applying any paint. .

I wasn't  sure what I was going to do.And since I now spend  a lot of time in  cubicleville (see my last post), I  thought something that could transport me into the woods might be nice.  You win the prize if you can guess what I am trying topaint at this point.

Here are some thumbnails I did to try and get a feel for the composition.  You probably still can't tell what it is I'm going for can you?. ...That might not be a good sign....   but the truth is, these little sketches really help firm up ideas. I now have a picture in my head and a general feeling  for the  scene. That 's important. I have to want to spend time  in the painting. Would you paint someplace you didn't want to be?

Now I started drawing with charcoal directly on the canvas.

This is a very rough  beginning. I am just scrubbing a lot of paint around, mapping out lights and darks. I like the fact that I am spending more time imagining the place than I am worrying about  details.

It will be interesting to see if any of the original painting underneath remains when I am  finished. The plants in the foreground maybe?


Joshua Kadtke said...

A very brave feat here Peter, but it looks like you've got it under control. I've tried this before but my attention span is to out of control to see past one thing and focus on another.

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