Saturday, February 23, 2013

Daily Painting Practice - Maine Seascape -almost there

I thought I would Post the progress of the large version.

The canvas is 36"x48". Originally I was going to do a landscape on this canvas but the sea waits for no man.
I made a grid  on the original using a pastel so it can be removed. I scaled up the grid on the  large canvas and roughed in the main darks and lights and used a cool midtone to cover the orange. 
 If  you look close, you can see the grid marks. I originally wanted to  complete each section ( sky, middle ground, center of interest, rocks, then foreground.) I held out a little while but somewhere along the way I got  caught up in just painting and feeling my through the scene.
 In these last two I worked mostly on the sky.
With the sky close to what I wanted  I moved to the middle ground and  the center of interest. I originally liked the wave on the right side, but as she who must not be named commented, I was after more power and not such a calm sea. So I began to fiddle with the idea.
 The sea on the left side looks right but the  perspective is not what I want on the right hand side. Also the white foam in the foreground is bothering me... It draws too much attention from the main event and is just a spot. It does not help lead the eye to the center.
 I am still struggling with the background on the right side. But the rocks and the action of the water in the middle are working much better. Painting foam is fun. However, too much white can make it look very pasty and kill the life of the painting. So be sure to vary the color of the foam.
 I am very close here and should have taken a break. It would have been a good time to sit back and review... I really like the right side now.... but
 I fiddled with it a bit too much... Oh well, better leave it for now and work on something else.
I am almost there. Oh, and I will need a good title.


Sappho said...

It has been so much fun watching this develop, thank you for sharing! I have never really painted before and am beginning to experiment. Do you use many coats of paint to build up the detail in this?

Takeyce Walter said...

Wow! This is spectacular, Peter! Love seeing all the layers build up.

Anonymous said...

Name it...
"Splish Splash I was taking a bath"