Monday, October 07, 2013

Daily Painting Practice in Maine - Plein Air Painting in the Fog

Painting in a fog is different than painting fog.

As all artists know, we have days that feel like we are painting in a fog. Our ideas don't formulate, our compositions don't come together, our values have lost definition and our colors blend into mud.  On days like this nothing is clear and our creative process can become almost comatose.

But painting in a fog is the exact opposite of actually trying to paint fog.

Foggy day plein air painting in Maine

Trying to capture the landscape enveloped in fog takes a lot a focus.  Color is very subtle, and edges.... forget you ever heard of edges. 

Foggy Day in Boothbay, Maine - 10"x10" 

I think I learned a lot more about values and how they are affected by color temperature while painting the fog than from any book, magazine, or tutorial video.

So if you find yourself in a creative fog.... be fearless, go out and paint in the fog.... it will really clear your head.


Judy P. said...

Perfect post for me to read this AM; I woke up and looked out at the fog, and told myself to paint it. Funny, your opening paragraph is exactly my problem lately with my paintings.

Mary Byrom said...

Peter, Love seeing your adventures! Maybe I'll make it up to an outing one of these days.