Monday, October 28, 2013

Daily Painting Practice in Maine - Rocks and water

If you want to paint Maine... practice painting rocks.

I have always enjoyed the contrast of textures that nature provides. Like in this waterfall painting from the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Up Stream 24x30

   Nature offers us soft clouds, white pines, a field of grass to contrast with the hard edges of rock and bark. Throw water and its many forms into the mix and you have a recipe for an exciting painting.

  In Maine these contrasting textures are every where because rocks and water are everywhere.

They don't  call it the rocky coast of Maine for nothing!

I have started several plein air paintings and color studies and have noticed that I tend to soften the edges too much when painting rocks.  This is good for the ones in the distance but those up close need more strength.

Color Study -Rocks at Schoodic Point

Color Study -Rocks at Booth Bay

The interesting challenge of coastal rocks is that some are rounded smooth by the waves and others hold a sharp edge.

Progress photo -  Schoodic rocks

This  painting is progressing. Slowly.

Progress photo -Schoodic rocks

The rocks in front need definition to  pull them forward. The rocks on the left  need soft edges as the water flows over them, and the rocks in the center need a combination of the two, plus the added bonus of the correct color and value to give it some atmospheric perspective.

Painting is actually all about identifying and solving problems... I've got the identifying part  down much better than the solving part.  I think more practice is called for.

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