Sunday, November 10, 2013

Daily Painting Practice in Maine - Plein air at Barret's Cove Beach

Northern Chapter of the Plein air Painters of Maine - Weekly Tuesday outing

This past Tuesday the Northern Chapter of the Plein air Painters of Maine painted at Barret's Cove Beach.  A beautiful  park and lake just north of Camden, Maine. The scene reminded me of  something the Hudson River School painters would have enjoyed.

Plein air painting and  Fishing at Barret's Cove Beach -Camden, Maine

I can't believe these guys were out there fishing, but then, they couldn't believe we were out there painting. 

They weren't  the only ones fishing though, a kingfisher was perched in those trees on the right. It would swoop down into the water and fly back to the trees. The bird caught more fish than the two guys did. 

Plein COLD air at  Barret's Cove


I managed to catch this view. After I finished the first one I thought I had time for a second painting before my fingers and the paint became too stiff to work. I didn't have to move very far. I just  swung the  easel to the right and started painting.

Color study  - Autumn trees  at Barret's Cove, Camden,  Maine

Plein air  -A very enjoyable day

 I love the rusty color of those trees. They were such a contrast to the  light gray tree bark.

This one has a lot going for it so it might end up being a larger studio painting.   If you are wanting to paint with me on any Tuesday contact  me via email and I will let you know where I am going to be. Enjoy!


Amy Mann said...

Peter, I've been following you since you were in the midwest - your move to Maine has obviously been the best thing for your art, you are getting better all the time. I am jealous! :-) Looking forward to retiring in Porland, ME... perhaps

Barbara said...

Beautiful start, especially on the second painting. You certainly captured a lot of depth in the trees.

Peter Yesis said...

Thank you Amy - Hopefully your Maine dream will become reality.

Barbara - Thanks, I just saw your wonderful work on your blog -That second painting has a lot going for it. The trees alone have so much going on.