Friday, November 22, 2013

Daily Painting Practice in Maine - Schoodic Point Plein air in November

It was a cold gray day.....


Plein cold air  - Schoodic Point Maine

... OK maybe not that gray but certainly it was cold.

Maine Plein Air - Schoodic Point in November

My Tuesday Plein air adventure took me to Schoodic Point ( Acadia National Park). Mine was one of only six vehicles that passed through the gates that day and I was the only person standing outside. ( That's says something about my intelligence). If you stood in the wind it cut right through you. Luckily for me the trees and rocks blocked most of the wind so I could get on with the business of the day.


There are advantages on days like this that make it worth the effort to get out there. One is the light stays fairly constant and the other is the variety of colors you are able to see is greatly increased. 

just starting

The sun warmed things up a bit in the afternoon so I headed to the eastern side of the peninsula where the wind was calmer. I found a comfortable rock for a seat and a lovely view to paint.

Tucked away in Schoodic Point

Funny thing when the weather gets so cold, if you don't thin down the paint it acts more like plaster and you can actually carve it away from the canvas . There are times I really enjoy that... there are other times when it feels like I am painting with dry peanut butter.

November light at Schoodic Point Maine

Despite the cold Schoodic remains one of my favorite places to paint.


Barbara said...

Nice composition and color considering the gray day. :-)

Amy Mann said...

Schoodic is my favorite also! Your paintings are always spot-on.

Unknown said...

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