Monday, January 06, 2014

Daily Painting Practice - Day 6 of 30 day Painting Challenge - Maine Seascapes

Day 6 - Painting is like cooking

I like eating as much as I like  painting and I find my approach to creating meals is very similar to how I go about deciding what I am going to paint. 

Take today's picture, it's a scene near Stonington, Maine..

Maine Course
The first decision I make in regards to starting a painting is based on mood. It's just like deciding on what's for supper, though it may come down to what 's in the fridge.

step 1  - reusing old canvas composition is broken into 2 shapes - 1 light & 1 dark 

After  seeing what's available ( for subject matter or meal time) I try to create  a composition or meal that will satisfy me. And if I am cooking or painting for others, thought goes into the presentation. What will it end up looking like, smelling like and tasting like on the plate, or feeling like when put on canvas? 

step 2 - adding color to set the mood
People's reactions to your cooking or your painting can be measured the same way too.   Their conversation and ability  to describe  what they think will tell you a lot about how to improve your next attempt.

Step 3 - work on how light hits the forms

 My analogy  stops here.... all this talk about food...I made my self hungry. 


Linda Popple said...

Beautifully painted!

When's dinner? :)

Unknown said...

Lovely work. Makes me miss the sea.

Unknown said...

This step-by-step is especially fun to see. Did you sand down the previous painting before beginning the next? or was it wiped off immediately after completion?