Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Daily Painting Practice - Day 8 of Leslie Saeta's 30 day painting challenge - Maine Seascapes

Too Quick on the Draw

Coastal Fog -Cape Elizabeth  Maine

I don't have any progress photos today because it only took me twenty  minutes to complete today's little painting. My battery for the camera needed recharging so I removed it and plugged it in the charger. I sat down at the easel and mixed a few dabs of color and  before I knew it I  had myself a nice little foggy painting.

Here is another reason this 30 day challenge Leslie Saeta is hosting is so cool; You build up a nice little home gallery rather quickly.
My studio wall
 The framed painting of the light house on the top row near the back is the same light house in today's little sketch.

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Barbara P said...

Nice shot of your works in progress. Even your smaller paintings read well color- and value-wise in this photo.