Saturday, January 11, 2014

Daily Painting Practice - Shipwreck and Moonlight - Day 11 of 30 day painting challenge

Bella Luna!

I watched  Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" , a movie about a guy marooned on an island. So when I looked through my thumbnail sketches for today's painting this one stood out.

I like doing paintings in a square format and I thought this composition would work well this way. 
Right from the start I knew I wanted to see the moon and the ship placed on the canvas so I could get a feel for the scale, but the actual first decision I made was to place the horizon line.
 Next question, what kind of moonlit night would it be?
Clouds at night are very similar to clouds during the day.
  I was really enjoying myself  with this painting and I wanted to make sure I kept it loose and simple so I stopped after about 1 hour.
Shipwreck and Moonlight
6"x6" oil on canvas board

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