Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Daily Painting in Maine - Winter Painting and painting winter

Painting in Maine or mainly painting?

After receiving a few emails from readers noticing I haven't posted much of anything in February. They were concerned and wondering what happened to me after the 30 paintings in 30 days marathon in January. Well folks, I have been painting, and framing a lot too...

Painting walls in several rooms and framing walls for a new a shower. That combined with plowing the snow from the driveway has kept me from getting much done in the studio.

I have enjoyed the winter here in Maine but the birds outside have had it rough. I keep the bird feeders full  and shovel the snow underneath them so the ground feeders get their fill too.
Detail- work in progress -Birds in Winter

On one of my snowy excursions to Sears Island this winter I noticed how the birds were clinging to branches and trying to perch anywhere there was sunshine. All of that inspired me to try and come up with a composition featuring birds in winter.
work in progress

My idea is still formulating but it should be fun.

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