Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Daily Painting Practice - Maine Plein Air - Brooklin in February

Outdoors in Maine - February

I had a great time yesterday. The Plein Air Painters of  Maine, Northern Chapter's Tuesday outing was  joined by several of the painters of the Plein Air Connection of Bangor, Maine.

The morning was quite bright and bone chilling cold.
February morning in Brooklin, Maine
 However, the scenery was beautiful... (of course, this is Maine).
My  morning  work
This is near Conary Cove looking south. The water from the bay is fed back into this large tidal lake called Salt Pond.
Salt Pond

By the afternoon it had warmed up considerably. The ice was melting... literally  right before our eyes.
These ice packs were nearly gone in the hour  I had to do my painting.
Ice Flow
The snow is back today.  They are forecasting another 13". Great!
More snow painting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nice painting with you Peter! Great work!

N K Sran said...

Good work!