Thursday, March 13, 2014

Plein Air Maine - Sears Island in March

A warm spell of 32 degrees!

The temperature went up at the beginning of this week so we took advantage of it to paint outdoors again.
A foggy start in the morning at Sears Island, Maine. 
The grand kids had their priorities.
My daughter with her homemade pochade again.  It's a little too small. She needs to upgrade to a commercial model.
I'm happy with my EasyL. Though it's seen better days. This was the best day for painting all week. Today we had another 3" of ice rain and 3" of more snow. Winter just won't quit!


CM said...

This is a really good painting, Peter. You really captured it. I especially like the atmospheric perspective. Colors are beautiful too.

Your Fellow Painter

Monty Ashley said...

Thhis is awesome

Monty Ashley said...

This is ggreat