Monday, July 28, 2014

Daily Painting in Maine - The Castine Plein Air Festival

What a wonderful experience. My first three day plein air event. The town of Castine put on a beautiful display for us. The gardens alone in this historic seaside village will stop anyone in their tracks. I completed eight paintings and entered all of them. 

The first morning it poured rain but I stood out there painting under two umbrellas trying to get this yellow house. I quit after getting  the underpainting and getting soaked in the process. 

 Bungalow (Fisherman's Cottage)

After stripping off my wet shoes and socks and drying them  by blasting the heater in the truck, the rain let up a bit but the skies stayed gray the  remainder on the morning. So I managed to find shelter in a boathouse and paint the yellow canopy of the local restaurant.

Rained Out SOLD
 I struggled on this one and went back to finish it on the last day.

After lunch the sun came out and the humidity vanished. The third painting of the day was my favorite. A row of multi-flora roses that cried out to be painted.

Show Stopper SOLD

It took two after noons to complete this one.

The last painting of the first day was going to be a sunset  of course, but...

Cloud Trail
  I had an hour before the sun was setting, so I turned around and painted this scene while I waited.

Finally the last painting of the first day

 Evening Sigh
 But the night wasn't over.  I  drove home, cleaned up (myself and my brushes)  and got ready to  do it again in the morning.
To Be  Continued...

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