Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Painting Maine Seascape

What's Off my easel  this Wednesday?

Yesterday I decided to start a new tradition of completing all of my unfinished work before the new year begins. So starting at 6:30 Am in the studio I got busy.  There are about  20  paintings I need to  complete. Some  large  like this one and some small (5x7) .

First one. Finally completed.
Clair de Lune
oil on canvas
available through my website

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Judy P. said...

Hey, that's a good idea- it's a productive notion to keep going, plus to feel you have done some positive completions by the year end!
Also I want to tell you I enjoy getting your emails, but your name is nowhere on them, to remind me which artist this is from. I have to click onto your blog, and your name is only at the right hand column at About Me,
or at the bottom of the post, both so small!