Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Painting a honey jar

The best part of doing a painting of this honey jar was the wonderful smell of the honey. If I was a bee I would have taken a swim.
I had to hurry a little on this one. I used the light from two windows and it was changing minute by minute.

Honey Jar
oil on canvas panelSOLD

This painting is a nod to (Justin Clayton.) A daily painter since January, and one of the best , I think. He does stunning work and his honey jars are some of my favorites. So my lid is off to you Justin.

Self Critique time:
I like that I didn't fuss too much with this one. The light was different, coming from two different sources. I could have spent more time and tightened it up a bit but I am pleased with it for a practice painting.


J Matt Miller said...

Very nice, Peter. I love paintings that look like paintings--i.e. brushwork that shows. To answer you question, plein air is a harder for me. But I am determined to learn. There is so much more info outside and the light changes constantly.

Luis Colan said...

I love this painting, and yes, the minute I saw it, it reminded my of Justin Clayton. I love his jars as well. I love the way light hits the glass, reflects and penetrates it.