Wednesday, February 14, 2007

daily painting practice - weekly painting number 2

Continuing the weekly painting I began last week and on two earlier posts. This is as far as I can go before taking the leap and doing the detail work. This is always a time when I need to step back and make sure I make the details consistent with the feel of the overall painting. Sometimes I get too tight and linear and the details have too many hard edges. Then they look pasted on and you need to wipe them off and do it again.
A few details and some work on the vase should do the trick.
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Roses in Winter
oil on canvas

My second weekly painting. (it only took me 2 1/2 weeks to work on). The light was very tricky on this one for some reason I struggled with the values. The pastel like colors were softened by the north light, I really liked that from the beginning. I think I did a convincing job on the roses. My favorite part was the tea cup. But then I'm partial to tea. Time to arrange another composition for next Friday's weekly painting. I should look through a few closets and see what we have.

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I Want To Be An Artist said...

This is wonderfully lovely and completely beautiful! Love your blog.