Thursday, March 22, 2007

daily painting practice - apples, grapes & copper still life study

I didn't have my toned board ready so I had to start on white. You can see 2 tonedboards drying on top of my shadow box. Luckily most of this painting is very dark so I could start with rich darks in the background and shadows.
The red apple is the star of the show here. Though my vote for best supporting prop isthe grapes.( They add the sparkle)
click on image to enlarge the picture

Apples, Grapes & Copper Study
oil on wood

I am trying to get bolder with the color and deeper with the shadows. The copper is always fun but challenging to paint. So many reflections! The apple takes the stage like a celebrity, posing on the white carpet, asking to be noticed, while the supporting cast of characters stay in the background.


Sarah said...

hey I got very confused here, which is the real still life and which is the painting

Chris Ousley said...

Looks like gala apples. :-) Good work!