Thursday, April 12, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Grandma's House -work in progress

If I was an abstract painter I would be finished already. Is there such a thing as details in abstract art?
Notice the dangerous placement of my tea cup?
Darks and lights blocked in.

Getting the underpainting started with the addition of some color.

Grandma's House - Work in progress
oil on masonite

I'm at the point where the underpainting is complete so now for the fun part. I get to play with the paint. This is my second painting for the show. I'll finish it tomorrow. How's that for determination? Two paintings down 28 to go in 18 weeks. No post tomorrow folks I''ll be painting!


Parisbreakfasts said...

Love the teddy...that's sounds sooo corny.
Guess I've had too many croissants

Cara said...

You know what I really like - the green of the Clematis - it's such a nice touch,

Plus its such a genuine subject matter. My grandmother always sat in a rocking clair -

By the way - if I had a dollar for everytime my brush landed in my tea glass instead of my turp jar...

tlwest said...

yes paint and tea or coffee eeeuuuhhh

Anonymous said...

Nearly photographic realism. A great work! Your show is going to be quite something to behold.