Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Daily Painting Practice - Painting Yellow Day Lilies and thinking of Van Gogh

I painted the background first this time and never touched it again. I think I deserve a treat.
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Yellow Day Lilies
oil on masonite

I look at this painting and I can't help but think what Van Gogh would have done with the subject. It would have been larger and definitely bolder brush strokes. I am thinking of doing this one again larger and having fun painting it with Van Gogh looking over my shoulder.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with how you painted that cloth. Very 'old master' impressionistic.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Peter. Your flowers are wonderful and appealing, though I miss seeing an occasional wood plane, tool or pair of work boots. Still love your work...The Oregon couple

drips of paint said...

Hi Peter

This painting already looks very Van Gogh but unmistakably with your own touch.

I love your yellow, it is so coming towards me but yet the cool green and blue that you used has just the right touch that gives so much definition to the yellow and holding it in place. The lilac background sitting back but yet pulling the whole painting together.

Composition is so well crafted, move the vase or flower a tiny bit the painting may not work as well as it is now.