Friday, September 14, 2007

Daily Painting Plein Air Practice - Day 9 - Poplar tree study

Warning! This blog entry contains political and historical events. Those not interested in learning something should just look at the pictures.

I found another small park in Omaha with a tiny lake and I learned some history. It is called Standing Bear Lake named for the (Ponca leader Chief Standing Bear). The case of Chief Standing Bear was a landmark case in the U.S. that determined that native Americans were entitled to rights of citizenship. The government actually tried to prove that an Indian was neither a person nor a citizen so couldn't bring suit against the government. (The things they don't teach you in art school).

A nice shady spot and no people, two ingredients to a perfect plein air painting day.

Poplar Tree Study
oil on canvas board

I need to think about using with more paint. That tree needs to be painted with bold confident strokes. Self critique is a useful tool, though I usually notice the things that need improvement after I get home. I need to slow down and step through the painting process more carefully. My new plein air mantra should be ," take a breathe, slow down, think before each brush stroke."

We'll see if that works tomorrow.


René PleinAir said...

Mmmm, I would say squint and DON'T
think. especially with trees, forrest and foliage.


Mike said...

Peter, your mantra sounds just like me! I am always discovering something AFTER the fact . . .usually after I have photographed it!! ;-) Nice study, though.

Is there a chance of including my blog on your list of links? Yours has been on mine nearly since day one.

Peter Yesis said...

Mike you are there. Thanks for teh reminder.

Rene - Thanks, I'll squint more . think less. I have that expression on my face most of the time anyway.